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Aidan Goggins & Glen Matten


Nutrition experts, Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten, are leading authorities in all things health related. They are the authors of THE SIRTFOOD DIET - the revolutionary plan for health and weight loss.

Aidan Goggins

Driven by his quest to cure his own rare autoimmune disease, Aidan is, unusually, both a pharmacist and nutritionist. It is this unique mix, which has seen him become one of Europe’s leading health experts.

Unparalleled in his nutrition approach, Aidan is highly sought after, with clients spanning from doctors to celebrity TV personalities. A huge fitness enthusiast, he specialises in sports nutrition, and his dietary expertise underpins the success of many champion professional athletes.

Aidan is co-author of the groundbreaking The Sirtfood Diet, the award winning The Health Delusion, and is a prominent health commentator in the mainstream media.

Glen Matten

With a Masters Degree in Nutritional Medicine, and a predilection for good food, Glen is a nutrition nerd and full-on foodie in equal measures; an inimitable mash-up that saw him combining nuggets of nutritional knowledge with some stonking recipes in his first book, The 100 Foods You Should be Eating. Subsequently, Glen wrote The Health Delusion, an award-winning, myth-busting, no-holds barred account of what has gone wrong with our collective health and how we can put it right. His most recent offering is the groundbreaking The Sirtfood Diet, a revolutionary plan for health and weight loss.

Alongside writing and frequent forays into the media, Glen has run successful clinics across the UK for over a decade, and currently advises a number of professional athletes and celebrities.

The Sirtfood Diet has been published in 14 territories, including Brazil, Germany and Italy.