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Casey Barker


Casey Barker, 22, is a family man who has a passion for sports and creating content for his two very different YouTube channels.

  • YouTube:
  • Over 42.5 million video views to date, and over 474,000 subscribers across two channels
  • Twitter:
  • Over 97,000 followers
  • Instagram:
  • Over 246,000 followers
  • Snapchat (Caase17):
  • 21,000 average views

On his vlog channel he shares his day-to-day life with his girlfriend Nicole and their baby girl, Harlow. He documented what it was like to be an expecting parent and a first time dad and now after the birth, will continue to document their journey as new parents. He builds a great relationship with his viewers through this channel, as they get to experience this new adventure along with him.


On his main channel he competes in football challenges with his friends, family and other YouTubers to create sporting content, primarily football, on a weekly basis.



Yusef Osman

Assistant Talent Manager

+44 (0) 208 742 4950

Alex McGuire

Talent Manager