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Chris (Simpsons Artist)


Touted by many as the voice of his generation and “the Internet’s Picasso”, Chris (Simpsons Artist) is a writer and cartoonist best known for his surreally brilliant takes on celebrity, news, and the weirdnesses of everyday life.

Chris has gained huge cult followings on social media, where his Facebook page, ‘Simpsons pictures that I gone and done’, has scored 1,375,000 likes, with his Twitter account @getbentsaggy having 210,000 followers and his Instagram @chrissimpsonsartist having 348,000 followers. Chris has a weekly column in the NME and his work has also featured in GQ, BBC Newsnight, the Independent, Front, and FHM magazine, among others. His first book, Motivational Quotes to Help You Be More Positive, was published by Orion in November 2015, and his next book The Story of Life will be published in 2018.